The Young and Inspiring: Madison’s Story

When I look for inspiration, it doesn’t come from someone on E! News.  Usually, I don’t find it by watching ESPN either.  While celebrities, star athletes, singers, movie stars, and TV personalities often are truly talented, generous and kind, I find inspiration in people who don’t know anyone is watching.  In my life, most of my inspiration comes from those who aren’t old enough to vote, drive, or watch E! News.  Children inspire me because they are honest and their intentions are truly genuine.

As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words.  I recently learned about a little girl named Madison who read a book, had a light bulb moment, and acted on it.

Madison’s Aunt Sara gave her a copy of “There’s Something Different About My Hair” a few months ago.  The book changed Madison’s perspective on giving.  After reading the book, Madison told her hair stylist that she wanted to grow her hair out and donate it around her birthday.  And that’s just what this sweet little girl did.

When discussing it with her mother Jodie, Madison said, “I love my hair…but that is not the reason I cut my hair.  I cut my hair so another kid could have hair that is sick.  I have hair and it will grow back.”

Madison's Donation


In our everyday lives, we get caught up in our own problems.  It’s hard to slow down and put things into perspective because we are creatures of habit.  There is always someone who has it “better” than us, but more people have it worse.  We can’t give every dollar earned away, or every minute of our time to help those in need, but we can learn from kids like Madison and genuinely give what we can, when we can, to make someone else’s life a little better.  She is the perfect example of how anyone, regardless of age, sex, background, lifestyle, net worth, etc. can make a difference in the life of another.

While “There’s Something Different About My Hair” may have inspired Madison, Madison’s actions have inspired me, and I hope she has inspired you as well.  Thank you Madison, for being young and inspiring.  You are leading by example and don’t even know it.  And thank you to Jodie for sharing your sweet daughter with all of us and nailing this parenting thing.