Right to Read Week: A Fundraising Success

“Don’t believe the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

If it were easy to motivate people enough to jump on board with something you believe in, everyone would do it.  No matter how compelling the argument, actually moving others enough to take action is no small feat.  Children, however, come to the table with open minds, big hearts, and energy for days.  They know no excuses and tend to live in the moment.

I am beyond grateful for every invitation extended my way to speak in classrooms and schools.  Recently, I was invited to visit two schools, both wanting to make a difference for a young mother of two battling Glioblastoma.  In order to help raise money for Kelli, these schools sent home book order forms allowing parents to order copies of There’s Something Different About My Hair.  In addition, any child who donated $1 would be able to participate in a crazy hair day on the day of my visit.  Money from the books would go to Kelli and Ronald McDonald House, and every dollar donated to Crazy Hair Day would go directly to Kelli.

On March 24th, I visited Pattison Elementary School in Milford, OH.  The students came in three groups and were split up by grade level.   Looking out into the sea of young faces, I saw various braids, hats, pony tails, spray-painted mohawks, etc.  I quickly noticed that the teachers were just as decked-out, if not more so than the students!  It’s not a stretch to say that these teachers care about their students and inspiring them to make good choices, care about one another, and to have a little fun while supporting others.  As a former member, I can truly say that the Milford community is one of support – it always has been and it’s nice to see that it continues to be that way.  Here are a few pictures from Pattison:


Two days later, I visited Hilltop, a school located in Reading, OH.  I had the opportunity to speak to the grade levels in two groups this time, and the sea of wildly creative hair styles was on point!  There were many great questions, including one student asking what else they could do as a school to support Ronald McDonald House.  After wrapping up my presentations, one of the teachers asked to buy another copy of the book.  It had recently become news that a young high school student who went through Hilltop for elementary had been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma.  This teacher had the idea to buy a copy of the book and have the Hilltop teachers sign it and write a note of encouragement to this student who was having a hard time letting go of his longer locks of hair.  As if the entire day’s worth of enthusiasm wasn’t enough, I was beyond moved by this gesture to say the least.  Here are a few pictures from Hilltop:

In just two days, I had a quick glimpse at the life of a teacher.  There were hundreds of eyes staring at me, watching me read.  Hundreds of ears listening to the message I came to share.  Hundreds of crazy hair styles supporting the theme of my book on the surface but deep down supporting so much more.  Most importantly, there was a room filled with the future of America and I am lucky to have the chance to share my message.  There are no words to adequately describe how thankful I am for the help of these children, and all those who have purchased a copy of There’s Something Different About My Hair through the website the last few months.  The best news is that more schools have recently signed up so the fundraising will continue!