Being Kyler Strong

Ten year old boys should be playing outside, making muddy messes on clean kitchen floors, racing through yards, dominating minecraft, and riding their bikes until the last minute of daylight.  That’s what life was like for Kyler until October 16th, 2015.  When his left eye started turning inward, an MRI revealed that life would never be the same for Kyler to say the least.  The MRI revealed DIPG, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma which is a terminal form of brain cancer.  As if a light switch was flipped, the cancer immediately began to progress and alter life for Kyler physically, mentally, and emotionally.  His new reality is hospital room living, radiation, experimental drugs, sickness, fevers, and fear.  Horrible, unimaginable fear that no ten year old should ever be thinking about let alone facing.  He had no choice but to stay strong, Kyler strong.

Working in a world where news like this is handed to families in different formats every day, I still cannot wrap my head around the devastation it brings.  Here is a sweet little boy with hopes, dreams, and a long life ahead of him.  And then:  cancer.  The helplessness of being unable to change one single thing about this for them, for all of the families like his that I meet, is overwhelming.  Here comes the BUT:  we may be limited in our ability to make this go away like a horrible nightmare, but we are certainly not hopeless or powerless.  We don’t have to watch this happen without putting up a world-wide fight.

Kyler wants to be famous.  He wants so many people to be praying for him that God will have to hear his request for this diagnosis to disappear.  So that’s what we must do.  The more people who know about Kyler, the more people who will be praying for him, sending him good vibes, positive thoughts, or requesting help from whatever they believe in and therefore granting his request.

This month, I have been invited to visit schools in Kyler’s district including his own classroom.  We will be selling copies of There’s Something Different About My Hair and donating proceeds to his fight against DIPG.  Every copy will be signed and #KylerStrong will be written as well so that Kyler is a part of every book purchased to support him.  Books can also be bought online here so people across the world can support Kyler.

Please join us in making sure Kyler knows he isn’t alone and that an entire world is standing with him as he faces DIPG the only way he can, by being Kyler strong.