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Sarah Curry Rathel lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.   Graduating magna cum laude from the University of Cincinnati, she also earned High Honors from the Department of Communication.  Sarah has spent her career working with nonprofit organizations dedicated to seriously ill children and their families.

“Throughout my career, I have worked with the most inspiring children as well as their families, siblings, doctors, nurses and social workers.  Children with special needs and life threatening illnesses, such as cancer, must overcome so many obstacles in their lives.  They encounter daily stares and questions from those around who see them as “different”.  However, these children don’t seem to dwell on their “differences” at all.  They smile, laugh, want to learn, and want to have fun like every other kid.  After watching my own children struggle and seeing their young friends struggle to understand them, I felt compelled to capture this message.  Something Different Books present children with stories celebrating that everyone is different, and that makes us the same!”

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