A visit to San Diego to read “There’s Something Different About My Hair.”

In late July, I had the pleasure of visiting the Ronald McDonald House in San Diego, CA.  That house is beautiful, and a true

With some new friends at Ronald McDonald House San Diego.
With some new friends at Ronald McDonald House San Diego.

example of being a house that love built, as we like to call them.  I had a great time interacting with the kids, families, staff and volunteers of this welcoming facility.

When I arrived, I was greeted by big smilies at the front desk, asking how they could help me.  When I told them that I was there for an activity, I could see their excitement.  I was escorted to a classroom with children and a volunteer.  After learning their names and chatting for a while, I read “There’s Something Different About My Hair.”  When finished, the kids had a few questions to ask.  I told them where I live, about Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati, my two children, my two dogs, and about why I wrote the story.  Then the kids each took a copy of the activity page and colored their own self portrait.  It was fun to see their little minds working to decide how to create their own image in the mirror.  When it was time to go, it wasn’t without a shortage of hugs from the kids.

Being able to share my story with children all over the world is very humbling.  I always say that children are honest, so if you want to know what they truly think about something, they won’t hold back.  It’s more than rewarding to hear how much they love the book, the characters, understand the message, and most importantly how they can relate to it in their own lives.  San Diego is beautiful, and the Ronald McDonald House across the street from Rady Children’s Hospital is a beacon of hope and love for the city.