A Few Of My Favorite Things

Giggling, loud whispers, tiny tables and chairs, crayons scattered, over-sized area rugs, and little hands in the air.  Reading to classrooms and schools ranks at the top of things I am grateful to do with There’s Something Different About My Hair.

A few weeks ago, Kelli Woodstock invited me into Mrs. Frey’s preschool classroom to read the book to her daughter Kynlee’s morning class.  I was honored to say the least, and couldn’t wait.  The first attempt came with a week of closed schools due to the wintery weather and plummeting temperatures.  However, when the rescheduled day came, I was all smiles when I entered the room and saw a young, sweet group of (surprisingly quiet) kiddos.


The best part of these occasions comes when I ask them if they have any questions.  The younger they are, the more “questions” turn into “sharing,” but I could listen all day.  Sometimes funny, often confusing, and usually thought-provoking, question and answer time allows me see what they liked about the book and if they get the message.

Sweet Kynlee's smile says it all.
Sweet Kynlee’s smile says it all.

Mrs. Frey’s adorable class had plenty to say about hair.  We discussed the hair of our sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents, and I think a few aunts and extended cousins were thrown in for good measure.   I truly enjoy these opportunities to share this book with young children and hope that, maybe not in that moment, but one day the message of celebrating individuality will resonate with each of them.

Thank you, Kelli, for the invitation and thanks to Mrs. Frey for allowing me to sit in her big, comfortable chair for a few minutes to see a few of my favorite things through the eyes of a teacher.

Griffin's mom says, "He always wants to read this book."
Griffin’s mom says, “He always wants to read this book.”

If you haven’t heard, when you purchase a copy of There’s Something Different About My Hair, proceeds will not only benefit Ronald McDonald House, they will also be going to Kelli to help her as she battles a brain tumor.  She is a mother of two, a woman, and an athlete – look out cancer, you don’t stand a chance.